Introducing the 7 best things to do in zadar

If you had doubts whether you should visit Zadar or not, here is the 7 Best Things To Do In Zadar while on vacation. Let me make your choice much easier. As you will slide through my thoughts and facts about Zadar, you will find yourself in another dimension.

You will be so amazed by the natural beauty Zadar has, that you will immediately pack your bags and come here. But enough talking, let’s start with our unique journey through Zadar’s most beautiful sights.

The 7 Best Things To Do In Zadar:

1. The Sea Organs

As first and most unique sight, not only in Zadar, but also in the whole world I will definitely point out the Sea Organ.

Its compelling and soothing sound will erase all problems in your head and take you to another dimension. As your body will be taken over by its sound, your eyes will be amazed by the stunning sunset whose attractiveness cannot be praised enough. Its mixture of colours and atmosphere will create your own heaven which you will not want to leave.

Best Things To Do In Zadar. View of Zadar Sea Organ
Photo Credit: Böhringer Friedrich

2. Greeting To The Sun

In our wish not to make you leave our little piece of heaven, we will offer you an extension of this beautiful feeling. As the sun will slowly go down, your mind will crave for more. Just turn your head to the right and you will again find yourself in something unimaginable.

The explosion of lights and colours derived from sun’s energy will be available to you in the form of Zadar’s well-known Greeting to the Sun. Its glass surface will change its colours from time to time and thus, make you feel like you are dreaming. Feel free to dance, jump or even lay down on this incredible surface. Of course, do not forget to take pictures to remind yourself that this amazing dream was an actual event.

Best Things To Do In Zadar. Greeting To The Sun in Zadar
Things To Do In Zadar. Greeting To The Sun

3. St. Donat’s Church

I believe that you are already amazed by what you might see in Zadar but let me make you speechless. In the tone of the previous sights, follow the sound which will take you to the St. Donat’s Church. It offers its tourists live and delightful music which is mainly played during summer festivals.

Your ears will appreciate the treatment they are being given and your mind will get lost in its design. Its rounded interior is an excellent example of Byzantine church architecture, so if you are an architecture lover this may serve as an inspiration for your next design. Let’s not forget its outdoor windows whose frames are shaped differently in order to produce different shadows when sun goes through them. In this summer rhythm let’s move to Zadar’s famous meeting point.

Best Things To Do In Zadar. St. Donat's Church in Zadar
Things To Do In Zadar. St. Donat’s Church

4. People’s Square

People’s Square is Zadar’s largest square and centre of the city. Sink into Croatian’s authentic music played in local bar Lovre and treat your taste buds with some tasty coffee.

As you are regaining your energy, look around yourself to absorb town’s energy and atmosphere. You will become aware that this meeting point serves as the town’s most genuine reflection. Diversity of people and their motion will make you feel like you are in the movie.

Best Things To Do In Zadar. People’s Square in Zadar old town
Things To Do In Zadar. People’s Square


5. Restaurant Foša & Foša Land Gate

Your energy is back and your mind is freed but it seems to me like I hear the sound of hunger from your stomach. Do not worry, I also have something up my sleeve for that. Stand up from your comfy chairs and let’s go to Zadar’s scrumptious restaurant Foša.

This restaurant offers extremely tasty and luscious food. Each of you will find something that will satisfy your hunger. But before you step into this restaurant, make yourself feel like a king or queen and walk yourself through famous Foša Land Gate. This gate, made by Venetians, dates back to the 16th century. It served as the main entry in the city and what makes it so spectacular is the statute of a lion positioned at the top of the gate.

Best Things To Do In Zadar. Foša Land Gate
Best Things To Do In Zadar. Things To Do In Zadar. Foša Land Gate


6. Kolovare Beach

Now that you are fed and well-rested take a short walk and you will have the perfect end of your incredible dream at Kolovare beach. The town’s most famous and longest beach offers its visitors an area of meditation backed by the sound of waves. Take your shoes off and give your feet a well-deserved massage.

If you feel more adventurous, take part in activities such as volleyball, soccer, water polo or even try to ride water bikes. This beach offers anything you want so be nice and put it on your traveling list.

Best Things To Do In Zadar. Kolovare beach - the oldest beach in town
Best Things To Do In Zadar. Kolovare beach. Photo Credit: Zadar4Fun

7. The National Park Kornati

However, as famous commercials say that’s not all folks. If you still have time and energy to wander around, I definitely recommend stunning National Park Kornati. Your fairy tale will begin here. They are situated in the central part of the Croatian Adriatic. Their natural beauty and crystal water will stop your heart for a second. Let your mind be blown by this unaffected park which consists of 89 islands. Explore its lavish nature and beaches by taking part in different activities such as swimming, diving and snorkeling.

Don’t wait any longer, take a dreamy tour in Zadar boat trips and visit Kornati national park. I guarantee that you won’t feel disappointed.

Best Things To Do In Zadar. Kornati national park - view from boat
Best Things To Do In Zadar. Kornati national park


Well, knowing my persuasive skills I can surely say that you stopped reading my article at the second paragraph and started packing your bags. I have only one thing for you to keep in mind before you come here: Nothing is impossible in Zadar! So my dear friend(s) take care and see you soon.

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